Super Cognition
Super Cognition is a card you can use to search for a specific card you need in your hand or graveyard as soon as possible. This is one of the few 2 energy cards (1 blue and 1 colorless) that can be valuable both early in the game and later on. When you play this action card you draw 4 cards and then discard 4 cards, which actually nets you a total loss of a card, so be careful not to use this card if it is the only card you have in your hand, as you will just discard everything you drew. Still, card selection is important in many game matchups, and there are even decks that require a multitude of allies to be in your graveyard (for cards like Giant Skeleton, Rejuvenate, and Grave Uprisal to use).

Strong against: a weak hand, slow-developing decks.

Weak against: stupidity, Interfere, milling.

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