The Orbs CCG store is home to four exquisite premade decks-- all yours for a cost! The standard currency used in OCCG is Orbucks, although there is a second currency called Credits that can only be bought for real money. Orbucks can be attained through playing async and live games (winning rewards more Orbucks than losing) and selling cards. Booster Packs (a pack containing 1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 8 common cards, randomly selected) and Draft Tokens, as well as every card in the game, can also be bought from the store.


Red Menace- 2500 Orbucks or 100 Credits

Ants Attack- 2500 Orbucks or 100 Credits

Mastery- 2500 Orbucks or 100 Credits

Grave Matters- 2500 Orbucks or 100 Credits

Booster Pack- 550 Orbucks or 30 Credits

Purple Booster Pack- 40 Credits

Black Booster Pack- 40 Credits

Draft Tokens- 550 Orbucks or 30 Credits

common card of your choice- 4 Credits

uncommon card of your choice- 10 Credits

rare card of your choice- 30 Credits

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