Merran Strike Force is a powerful finishing ally. At 7AP/6HP, Merran Strike Force has the second-highest stats in the game, at its 6 energy cost (2 blue and 4 colorless). It's behind only Evil Incarnate, a card so riddled with drawbacks it is almost unplayable. Unlike Evil Incarnate, Merran Strike Force is a force (heehee) to be reckoned with. In just 3 attacks, if it isn't blocked, Merran Strike Force will end the game with 3 extra damage thrown in. There just aren't that many finishers that can stand up to the Force and come out winning. If you need to have a top of the curve ally in your blue deck, look no further.

Strong against: opposing allies

Weak against: Transmute to Butterfly, Freeze Trap, Engorger, and Frighten to Death

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