Mastery is one of the four premade decks that can be bought for 2500 Orbucks in the OCCG store. It's the hardest deck to master out of the four decks, and substantially weaker in terms of ally strength; new players often choose this as their starter deck and later regret it. The main strategy incorporated into this deck centers around Adept Mage, which gains +1AP and +1HP from each action played (this is why the deck lacks substantial allies). If played correctly, though, Mastery is very powerful.

4x Adept Mage

4x Arcane Memory

3x Chromatic Spell

4x Energetic Wizard

4x Freeze Object

3x Gifts from Above

4x Interfere

4x Killer Wave

3x Master of Invisibility

3x Mist Machine

4x Rejuvenate

4x Sneak Attack

3x Super Cognition

3x Telekinetic Wizard

Strong against: Weak allies, slow-developing decks (this deck needs a few turns to play out while the opponent develops their own deck).

Weak against: Red Rush, Frighten to Death and Engorger, and overall inexperience/lack of knowledge of the cards in the deck.