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My first attempt

Hi everyone from the Orbs community. This is Tallisman from orbs ccg or on wiki I am known as Tallismin, anyways I made my first ever wiki post and do not think it made it into the card catagory. I think Cave Troll has his own catagory now. Can someone help me fix this? I have no idea how to go about doing so. Thank you in advance.

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I have also tryed a couple of times to add a card photo, but I only get the artwork not the whole card. How do you do that?  I have noticed what I have tryed to add has eneded up in the photo section so I am hoping that it can be removed. I'm sorry and hope I am not making more work by my attempts to help.


I fixed Cave Troll, it's now a page on the wiki; I deleted the old category page. We get the card photos by using Snipping Tool (unless you're using a Mac).

Don't worry about it, thanks for putting in the effort to make the page itself and emailing it to me ^__^ it was very easy to correct the page itself. Actually, you wouldn't have been able to fix it, since only admin can delete pages, therefore, it's all good. Here's the new page: Cave Troll. I'll also change "Disruption" from a category page to a normal page, ok?

For next time: at the top of the page, there's a small button that says "contribute." If you click on this, you can select "add a page." From here, it will allow you to name the page and choose the layout. For the page name, simply use the name of the card you're writing about. For the format, "blank page" works best. Then it'll start the editor and you can type your page. When you're done, select either "publish" or "finish" (I'm not sure which it is), and you're all set!

Also, don't worry over images, I can go through whatever you write and add pictures easily. Same goes for hyperlinks and small edits.

Thanks for your help! Contact me with any questions you may have, ok? ^__^



Thanks you make it all sound so simple. I figured I was probally the only one that has played lots of different decks with Cave Troll and I felt sense I designed the card that he was kind of my responsibility. I am still saving for his collage education. 

Also thanks for helping out with Disruption too. I built that deck to play against the combo deck, but it does really good versus other decks as well. I thought the strategy should be listed.


No problem ^__^ happy to help!

Yeah, not many people have Cave Troll as of now, especially free players (players that don't spend money on the game). Disruption sounds fun, by the way; maybe I'll try it out, once I get the new cards involved in the strategy.


Oh, I forgot to mention... the explanation I gave on how to make a page works if you're using Classic Editor, I don't know about Digital Editor.

Let me explain: wikia uses two different editing systems. The first of these, Classic Editor, is an old-style, more basic editor, it's also the default editor for Internet Explorer. You can actually do a lot more in Classic, though it's confusing and hard to get the hang of. Then there's the newer editor, Digital, which is easier to use but has less options. It's the default for Chrome and more widely used, since most of wikia's users would rather use something simple and convenient.

I don't know how to switch back to Classic on Chrome, so I usually just open wikia in IE. Whichever is most convenient for you is fine, I don't think they make much of a difference unless you're trying to do something more elaborate like this or this (this).

Hope this helps :)

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